Powerful Analytical and Visualization System for Micropaleontological Data

Biostratigraphic data are highly complex! Microfossils are commonly mixed in deep-water depostional settings. Tramontane has developed TACSWorks to provide biostratigraphers with the tools necessary to get the most from their data.

TACSWorks consists of three interactive windows that can simultaneously display analytical results, a distribution chart, and multiple wells in cross section.

TACSWorks analytics include extensive data preprocessing capabilities, well-to-well similarity mapping, and quantitative biofacies analysis using fuzzy c-means. The new BioChron module has point-and-click capabilities to easily construct age-to-depth plots. Age-to-depth plots are smoothly integrated with the wells cross section display, which also has the capability to auto-generate Wheeler-transformed chronostratigraphy plots.

Visualization System for Micropaleontological Data

To request information about TACSWorks or ePaleo contact us at info@tramontaneinc.com